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When freedom of speech becomes slander.

Like many people, I've been upset and embarrassed by the behavior of some of the candidates in this presidential race. Embarrassed because these are "adults" behaving in ways that are borderline slanderous, writing social media posts that could easily be construed as...

Bring on the Love!

Valentine's Day Where on earth did this holiday come from? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm just curious. Curious about human behavior and why Wegmans was packed this morning with people buying 35 dollar roses that were 9.99 last week.  Look, any day that...

Ziggy played guitar.

It's been a little over a month now since David Bowie passed away; A singer, songwriter, painter, actor and cultural icon that fascinated and inspired many, myself included.  There has been a real outpouring of love and remembrances all over the world as a result of...

Happy New Year

I just created a workbook called "Ushering in the New Year" It contains some thought provoking questions for clarifying your New Year's Intentions, and ideas for Letting Go of that which is unwanted, and Letting in more of what you truly want.  When you sign up for...

The Field where the Game of Life Happens

Early this morning, I walked along the Erie Canal.  I notice my cell phone battery is dead (once again), so no podcasts, music,or conversations to keep me company today.   Gray skies and barren trees;  I was searching for beauty in the landscape. While it wasn't...

Holiday Peace and Tranquility

What is it about this season that gets many of us worked up and frazzled?
Wonder how you can have a peaceful holiday this year?
This post includes information about types and triggers of stress as well as strategies for more ease and joy this month.

When enough is enough…The “B” word

What's the B word? Bullshit. There is an awful lot of it goin' around, isn't there?  We all have what I refer to as a... Bullshit Indicator. Mine's been going off with regularity. How about yours? One of the biggest falsehoods that causes my bullshit indicator to go...