1.  Workshop

  Creative Dreamwork Group 


Christine Matteson



Image of young pretty woman changing reality

May, 2017

Everybody dreams.   Dreams promote Good Health.

In this small group, we will explore our dreams using a technique based on the work of

Psychoanalyst, Robert Bosnak Creative Arts Techniques and Active Imagination


Dreams provide us with information about ourselves that isn’t available through other means. Each dream is a gift.  Your dreams give you a fuller understanding of yourself and your life.  When you begin to integrate some of the contents of your dreams (unconscious material) through group dreamwork, you enhance the development of your own personality.  You begin to feel better and your life becomes more satisfying.  This is because you are now better able to use the creative psychic energy that would have previously gone to waste.

Group Dreamwork expands the awareness, imagination, and openness of all participants.

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  1. How to extend invitations to your dreams
  2. Why there are no “bad dreams
  3. Why dreams don’t have just one meaning
  4. Different ways of approaching dreams with curiosity and without judgment.


For more information:

email:  christine@christinematteson.com

with the subject line:  dreamwork