An Enchanting Visit


There’s nothing like a morning swim in the lake in summer.


Not a single soul was out on the lake this morning.


Except me.


And a Dragonfly.

This guy hovered along side me, keeping me company, for most of the swim.


His wings sparkled in the sunlight.


It felt a little magical.


Like he had something to tell me;


Something I could learn from Dragonfly’s magic.


The Dragonfly totem is associated with Light.


Lightness of feelings and thoughts.


And Light in terms of bringing the Light of consciousness to illusion.


Dragonfly also represents Change and Transformation.


And the Joy in being.


Many legends describe Dragonfly’s fairy-like qualities and its ability to connect with nature and the elemental realm.


I love this association. 


Who among us hasn’t been enchanted by the notion of nature spirits?  Fairies, Elves, etc..


These woodland beings are representative of *Archetypes.


(Archetypes (Jung, 1947) are images and thoughts which have universal meanings across cultures.  They provide us with a doorway into our inner selves.  Archetypes show up in dreams, stories, books, works of art. For example, How universally popular has Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter been?  Fairies, elves, and the like are often referred to as Homunculi, or diminutive humanoid species popular in medieval fairytales.)


The fairy realm is associated with that which is magical in life.


It represents creativity, beauty, imagination, and living in tune with nature.


It’s interesting to note that these “Homunculi” never age.


So when elves or fairies show up for you in whatever form, think of the part of you that is ageless, imaginative, and playful.


…Coming home after the “magical” swim, I thought about the sweetness of mid-summer.  And visibly cringed when I thought of the plethora of “back to school” marketing, fall decor, (even Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins) that started inundating us right after July 4th.


I shook off this notion.




I want to stay with thoughts of nature, beauty, imagination, and wonder.


I  assertively vowed, “I’m tuning out that which seeks to take me out of the richness of experience”.


Now is always the right time to recognize the sweetness in just being.


No hurry.


Our enjoyment of life is maximized by merely recognizing that all we really have are the moments..


Saying no to the premature end of Summer.

Saying yes to continued attention to the Creative Spirit.



On the drive home, my thoughts drifted to Shakespeare’s comedy, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”.  (In case you haven’t read it or seen the play, it’s about a group of lovers who spend a night in a forest, where they are victims of fairies’ mischievous escapades.)


Everything lined up…


Dragonflies, Midsummer, Shakespeare, Fairy Realms, and Enchantment.


Stay open to the symbols, archetypes, animals,

dreams, and images that visit you.


What associations, feelings, and thoughts are brought up by that which captures your creative spirit?  What themes, aspects, metaphors do you relate to?  What do they have to tell you about yourself?


When is the last time you embodied the playful fairy energy that is within everyone of you, regardless of age?





Fun Fact:  Did you know that fairy energy is celebrated by us mortals this time of year in the form of “Fairs”?