And so, my adventure with de-cluttering continues…  We’ve tackled clothes, paper, mudroom, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, music, art supplies, garage and cars.  We’ve got mementos and books to finish.  We’ll be done this weekend.

There have been several benefits & rewards as a result of shedding my “stuff”. Below is a list of some of the benefits from my experience with this project~

1. You become more creative.  It gets you back “into the flow”; nothing like a lot of “stuff” in the way to stop up your creativity. You start to see more possibility, consider different ideas, etc..

2. Letting go frees up your energy. Holding onto “stuff” is so darn draining! (i.e., Constipating!)
Having so much baggage; you will eventually run out of steam.

3. You get to know yourself better…what you are drawn to and what you value in your life.

4. It affects your relationships. This can happen many different ways.  Here’s one tangible example: A couple I know have unconsciously never fixed their second bathroom, and guest room. Both of them, enjoy having a large amount of privacy. By having one “out of order” bathroom and guest room, this has had the benefit for them of not being asked to house relatives during the Holidays. It also admittedly has kept them from entertaining those they would like to have over, as well. By making room, and fixing up the bathroom, they would have to better learn to set boundaries without having this convenient excuse.  By getting rid of excess “stuff”, you are more apt to be more present in your relationships.  You no longer have your “stuff” between you and the other person.  You have more time, space, and energy to put into who and what is important to you.

5. It can affect your weight. There are several explanations for this.   One reason: You can actually see the choices you have in your refrigerator, and cupboards, and begin making conscious meals.  When you have more energy, more space, you want to do more things…be more active. You don’t have clutter weighing you down. Your energy starts to move and shift…where you once were maybe content to lay on the couch in your “stuff”; you feel energetically lighter. Since we’ve gotten rid of all the clothes that no longer fit us, we can enjoy wearing the clothes we’ve chosen to keep; and feel good about these choices.

6. It can make you richer! Of course, I mean this both literally and figuratively. I’ve found tons of change, taken books to used book stores, etc.. and I’ve found stuff like brand new computer ink cartridges, and batteries that haven’t been opened. Things that I would buy never knowing that I already had them brand new at home. I’ve also been more conscious about my money, I know how much I have, how much I expect to make, and how much I owe which is a good secure feeling. I’m much less apt to make a random unnecessary purchase having my finances in my control.

Bottom Line:  I think that beginning to shed what no longer is serving you has an effect similar to that of throwing a pebble into the water, and observing the ripples…it impacts all areas of your life.


To your health,

Clutter is a physical manifestation of fear that cripples our ability to grow.  ~H.G. Chissell