The other day, a friend asked, “When you think about thriving, what does it look like to you?” hmm. Interesting, right? Since I believe that all transformation begins in the imaginal realm, I spent a bit of time visualizing this and writing down my thoughts on the subject.

Thriving to me means being able to cope effectively with the things that are stressful in one’s life; for example, the seasonal darkness, anticipatory holiday to-do’s, work demands, etc..

It doesn’t mean the absence of stress.

Thriving means being mindful of both the difficulties and the delights of life.  It means being present to the thoughts and feelings that accompany both and allowing them to be expressed through you, with compassionate awareness.

It means prioritizing your quality of life and prioritizing the meaningful relationships in your life.

It means validating one’s self for where you are in your life, even if you want to be “somewhere else”; i.e. further down the road, pining for your “glory days”, or maybe you wish to be on a completely different path.  If you can’t accept where you are, you can’t move.

Thriving means consistently taking action in the direction of your dreams.  Even if this means, taking a teeny tiny action step. You must take action in order to create your life and in order for you to thrive.

Thriving is about visualizing possibilities more than limitations.

It’s about all these things:  purpose, intention, affirmation, and taking action toward becoming the best version of yourself.

Thriving means making good choices when it comes to your physical health.  It’s choosing good nutrition, choosing to move consistently, it’s getting good sleep, etc..It’s feeling the best you can with the body you are in, no matter your age, ailment, or current difficulty.

Thriving is about play, dance, music, art, creativity.

It’s trying something new, going somewhere you’ve never been, being willing to have unfamiliar and unique experiences.  It’s the openness to new ideas and different ways of doing things

Thriving is looking at what you “stand for” more than dwelling about and fighting against that which you are opposed to.

Thriving means having the recognition that when you are doing something new or something that means something important to you, you are going to feel scared and maybe you’ll want to get the hell out of there.  Thriving is recognizing that this is not your intuition telling you that this is wrong.  It’s just your survival instincts kicking in, and you are more than your instincts.  It’s being grateful for your instincts because they will keep you safe when you need it.

Thriving is doing something despite feeling scared, it’s okay to be scared sometimes.

To me, thriving means having the willingness to follow the creative thread that catches your heart and awakens your passion.

It’s about equanimity, peace, and doing random acts of kindness, just…because.

It means living with integrity, according to your values.

And…thriving is about doing something each day to connect with Spirit (whatever this means to you).

Even if you are not sure if there is such a thing as God, spirit, source,’s staying open to the possibility or maybe doing some thinking, searching, researching about that which you feel drawn to, something greater than yourself.

A young woman lying on her couch writing in her journal

Your turn, now.  Take a few moments and don’t censor yourself  Ask yourself what “thriving” looks like to you.  Journal the answer and see what you come up with.  Leave a comment below and do share this post if you’d like.

Creating your health,